The Shogun of Harlem

Today's theme: Favorite Movie - The Last Dragon 
To be fair there are many, many, many, many, many other movies that have better scripts, actors, choreography, effects and so on, but NONE has had an antagonist so spectacularly and unapologetically one-dimensional as Sho'Nuff. From the moment Mr. Nuff pops into this flick, he shows he's actual embodiment of a super-villain from the hood, even going as far as having his own henchmen. Now fans of the movie can cite the dozens of other great themes, characters, and music, and I'd never take that away from them.  I myself for the longest time connected with the main protagonist's naivety, having to come to grips whether if I was a much of a master as others viewed me while battling my own Sho'Nuff, thankfully without having to deal with the actual Sho'Nuff.  My tribute here is from the moment when he shows just how "Real" the situation at hand is actually being kept.
Glory to the 80's!

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