Scud: the Disposable Assassin

Today's Post-It theme is favorite book.  Now typically I could sit and scratch my head all day long pondering what's been my favorite book for hours on end. While I do acknowledge that there are far more serious and compelling stories out there, Scud was probably the first book I collected that played out like the ultimate Saturday morning cartoon. Back in the bronze age of the internet where comics were mostly purchased in actual comic stores, finding a book that didn't have a person in spandex kicking butt was very rare to find.  This book was as funny as it was bizarre but the kicker for me was that it gave me hope that there is a very real market for non-superhero comic books.
For me to describe this book any further would take up the better part of this blog so feel free to look it up here or get your own copy and see if you agree.

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