There's only a handful of Avengers who legitimately have no actual superpowers and deserve respect for just showing up, and Hawkeye here is at the top of that list.  Affectionately regarded in the past as that "Purple-Wolverine-Guy", lil Clint managed to remain in the ranks of the earth's mightiest heroes for more than a few decades with only his charm and a simple medieval weapon, overcoming foes while not having to resort to looking like Errol Flynn. Even in the comics he  recently beat death by sacrificing himself in a jetpack to blow up some aliens.  Hawkeye like many, many other costume characters, simply tricked his eternal demise by stumbling back thru Marvel's ever revolving door of death. My appreciation for this character reached new heights from the recent blockbuster film not simply because he was Mr.-Man-of-Action #5 but mostly because they gave him a very simple new design (which makes this artist ask "why did it take that long")  that should stick with him for years to come.

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