Favorite Place

When I was young, somewhere during my first lifetime, my favorite place in the world was this little tree that sat in West End Park.  It wasn't tall, bore fruit, or had anything outstanding going for it, but it was just small enough for my pint-sized self to climb up in and chill out with a book.
Naturally moving on with life I nearly all but forgot about this tree. I was asked to speak at my former grade school upon their final graduation ceremony where during an introduction my teacher brought up how I'd rather sit in this tree than play with everyone else. Not so much as a anti-social thing but rather just finding my own way.  After going thru a few flashbacks, I had some other students tell me about how they did the same at one point or another.  Afterward I went back to visit it again and I found it to be a bit smaller and my body lacked the grace to attempt to climb it, but I found a great deal of comfort to see that it still remains.

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